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Faye Suddart

Sports Therapist & Coach

Over the past 4 years I have worked in numerous roles across the sports therapy and fitness industry from working with premiership football clubs, to private 1-2-1 clients alongside building my personal training business. What I love most about being a sports therapist is that I can be the positive change in someone’s negative experience and solve real problems for real people. I am passionate about having a meaningful and positive influence on as many people’s lives as possible. I believe there is an abundance of opportunity for sports therapists to enhance and support the fitness journeys of our clients as long as we are committed to continuously learning and have a genuine passion for helping others.

My role within FACTR is to deliver a Sports Therapy product that goes the extra mile, and to work hand in hand with the coaching team to create an all encompassing package for our members that covers all of their needs. Long term, we aim to grow a team of sports therapists with a shared vision for improving the current standards of support within the industry.