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Marianne Speed

Maz's journey has been amazing over the past few years. Whether it be her initial physical transformation, her strength goals or her endurance exploits, her ability to set her mind to something, putting the work in and being relentless, all with a smile on her face... it's been inspirational to watch and be a part of. Well done Maz, we can't wait to see what you do next!

Having begun my journey losing 30kg through having 1:1 PT sessions with Olie, I was initially apprehensive about transferring to small group training.

How would I feel about training in a group?

What would it be like adjusting to different training methods and trainers?

Training is my favourite part of the day! I’ve been able to structure my sessions into a routine which fits around my job and lifestyle, making it easy to maintain a consistent approach.

 Thanks to this, along with additional guidance and programming from Olie, I’m able to continue to work on and hit my own personal goals - which are strength and endurance based – as well as increasing my weights and reps throughout each programme.

It’s also great to have a sports therapist on site - Faye- for sports massages and physio sessions to help keep me moving!

Fast forward to nine months training at Factr and I’ve made great progress on my goals...

I've hit my goal of a 100kg deadlift and I’m now training for Manchester Marathon.

I had no reason to worry about training with others! I’ve met new friends and it’s great to get to know everyone through the monthly social events.  Everyone is each other’s cheerleader.