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Tom Butler

Tom's results have been outstanding since joining. As someone who enjoys pushing themselves in every session, we have loved throwing everything at him and he's taken it all in his stride and has taken his fitness to new levels, all with a smile on his face.

I started FACTR with a lot of apprehension about what I would get out of it, after historically being a regular gym goer and from a sport science background. However, I'd really fallen out of love with the gym following multiple lockdowns and although I had a good nutrition base, I had no focus and my social life always took priority.

When I signed up I wanted to initially just get back into a habit of regular exercise and becoming more healthy in general, with two external motivations of health reasons and a wedding in 12 months time. I needed a full mindset change to get me back to a routine, and to enjoy exercise again. 

Despite a very busy calendar getting in the way of attending sessions, I started to see some significant changes in my weight and measurements

This combined with the level of detail from Olie really helped me push myself much further than I initially thought. I'm a very competitive person, so Olie was able to use that to get me to hit landmarks on the way towards my final goal.

The sessions at FACTR allow for everyone to train at their own pace, whilst making the most of the coaches.

Personally, they've all really helped me with technique and motivation, they definitely make sure you don't slack at a session and make every minute count!

Alongside the sessions, I really enjoy the testing phase, bringing out my competitiveness. This always makes me push that little bit harder and again allows me to continue to measure my goals but instead of the standard body measurement, gives me a physical performance measure.

Along the way, I did have a muscular back injury putting me out of action for a couple of weeks, but the support you get from the FACTR team is second to none with a rehab plan and alterations to exercises to ease you back in.

Similarly, I've had 3 holidays in that period, for each I've been given a training plan to do whilst away if required based on what equipment I may or may not have accessible. 

In my first 8 months of FACTR, I've been able to lose 8kg in Body Mass, and my body shape has changed massively within that. I've been able to get back to a level of cardiovascular fitness where I'm no longer avoiding cardio and actually enjoy it.

Outside of the gym I feel much more confident, and I have more energy in general - despite the restrictive calories at times. It's completely changed my perception of going to the gym, being able to turn up for an hour's class and get 3 times as much out of that hour than going to the gym alone and having to think of your own plan.

Again, I was used to going to the gym, with my headphones on and ignoring others around me, but the community feel and social element of FACTR is also great and something a bit different to most gyms.

FACTR has really affected my lifestyle rather than just those hours in the gym, there's a great balance of having fun whilst exercising and grafting for the results, it's not all no fun and no calories! I've got a routine now which is sustainable, but also adaptable to fit my needs and goals.